If you are a dreamer, who wants to live in a wonderland, a restless seeker of epic stories, if you want to see yourself or your loved ones in your own fantastic land, if you want to see you as a fairy, a pirate, a cowboy, tattooed, winged, steampunked … Then I wil be more that glad to be your artist.

I’ve been doing commissions for quite a while now and I absolutely love it. Helping someone create his vision of a special world is something that I really enjoy and that I think is very empowering for this person. So let me know what your concept is, and I will help you immportalize this vision.


The following rates are for a one subject illustration (actual rates may vary depending on the number of subjects/complexity of the piece). I will calculate your project rate according to your specifications (as well as if you want a custom size).

  • 5.9×8.3″ (14.8x21cm) : 55€
  • 9.4×12.6″ (24x32cm) : 130€
  • 12.6×16.1″ (32x41cm) : 190€
  • 19,7×25,6″ (50x65cm) : 460€


The payment is divided in two, the first half is due at the order, and the other half when you’re satisfied with the draft I create in collaboration with you. As soon as I receive your last payment I start the work.

Request a commission

Please fill out this form if you’re interested in a commission from me. You can also email me at holly.opale@gmail.com for any other inquiries.

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